In the world of digital, be the print!

‘It’s the little memories that make a lifetime’

Recently I have released that even though every memory of my life is in my phone’s picture gallery, the beauty of the printed photographs can never to be matched. I remember as a child, how much I loved being in front of the camera and my parents would endlessly click every time I posed.

Well with time, I grew up and so did the technology. From the traditional polaroid to reel prints to digital prints and finally everything on the phone – we all became advanced. But lately (to be honest ever since I have my mind to study outside India), I feel these memories I have with my family and friends shouldn’t just be stuck with me in the phone but printed and placed right in front of my eyes.

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Managing your home decor now becomes easier with Deco Home


So life is as we take. Heard it before? I am pretty sure many times. And just like me, many of you ladies would be busy with their professional lives so much that spending time on shopping for home decor things becomes impossible. I wouldn’t say I don’t like a nicely done house. But running to sort things in order is a task for me. A 10am-9pm job with many events lined up in the evening and few freelance work schedules makes me a lazy lad to even spend my only off in a week in my bed with my hot chocolate.  And with my mom shifting our furniture, curtains, pillow sets to our farm house in Uttrakhand, watching an empty bed with just a plain bed sheet and no curtains made me a cranky lad! I mean once my room was a cheerful place with bright curtains, in synced pillows and a sweet jazzy table runner flowing off my side table. But boom! Happens! I pretty much cant argue with my mom about her preferences. But then with such a tight schedule shopping new stuff for my little den was not possible.  Continue reading Managing your home decor now becomes easier with Deco Home

Your new home services hero – Tooler!


One fine Sunday morning! Ya right as if I get up that early on Sundays! So let’s start with, one fine Monday morning I got up at 6am because my AC broke down!!!! In this heat and humidity, breaking down of the only source of cool air becomes a trouble. And with no clue of what to do since my parents were off for a vacation, I thought of trying new app for Home Services.

A friend of mine referred me this App called Tooler. Well, the name was quiet interesting to hear summing up the whole essence of their services. And what amazed me was the quick service by them. Tooler is a easy to use, on-demand application made for people like me and you, who don’t even know how to change a bulb. Continue reading Your new home services hero – Tooler!

Reasons why you should try Bevels by Jawed Habib

Call me crazy but I love my hair and skin ALOT! And I considerately spend a lot of time in a good salon to take good  care of them. And when I talk about salons, there is a quick check list about them:

1) Locality: It has be located somewhere good and clean. I certianly can’t step into any place!

2) The Name: I seriously can’t get over the titles like ‘Dolly da parlour’; trust me punjabi aunties do keep that name.

3) Cleanliness and ambiance of the salon: After all I am giving them a chance to make me relaxed while they treat my hair and skin!

4) Stylist: I am particular on who touches my hair. My curls are really a pain and somebody with experience is what I need.

5) Services: When I talk about hair and  beauty care, I do look out for what kind of services and products the salon uses. At times, good salons can use degraded products!

These is a quick checklist that I go through before even I make any4 talk inside a salon regarding any hair or beauty treatment. With this sweet yet straight-forward words, I can now give you a huge hint about today’s feature!

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Designing your homes – Casa Interio by Sagar Datta

1Nothing can make a person happier than a stylish home. With so much of drama each day, our homes also need a little bit of pampering and care. Isn’t it? When I talk about styling or designing your bored house into a sizzling home, a name that recently came forward to me is Casa Interio by Sagar Datta.  Continue reading Designing your homes – Casa Interio by Sagar Datta

Virtual Trip at

This summer it’s all about Jewellery and me! If you have noticed, I have worked on and with many fashion jewellery, as well as high-end diamond jewellery brands under the series – Women and their Best Friend. Cool isn’t it?

Well, if you think the race is over, just hold on your thoughts closer to your heart. This article I thought should be a little out of the box for the series. So, I chose to go on a virtual trip at a new trend setting online jewellery and accessories portal, With many interview and reviews about various brands of jewellery that belong to different horizons of the price ranges and type, this virtual trip is a delight for me.

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Mesmerized with Manohar Lal Jewellers

When it comes to surety and security, a few names are just on the finger tips of the Delhiites. With that, saying that Manohar Lal Jewellers is one such brand. From the light weight everyday jewels to high-end bold milestone jewellery, the studio of Manohar Lal Jewellers based in New Delhi is a one-stop destination.


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Spring Summer Collection Boxes lands at Forest Essentials

From the house of Authentic Ayurvedic Skin Care Brands, Forest Essentials, comes its first ever Spring Summer Gift Boxes. The collection boxes are inspired by the hues of spring and the warmth of summer, priced at Rs.1750. Alas! Something ayurvedic to the summer rescue for the girls.

In case you noticed like me, the pastel colored, Spring Summer boxes are inspired by the ingredients used in the products. Available in enchanting colors of delicate peach and turquoise green, dusky mauves and iced pinks, this collection is the perfect gift for a mid- summer night dream.

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