#DramaPlusFashion – Recreating Fashion for Plus-size: Session 1

‘Fashion is a state of mind and not a range of size’

Ever since I was a teenager, finding the right fashion has not been my forte. I still remember whenever I use to like some dress or t-shirt or skirt in a high-end store, they would always hush me out saying, “Not available in your size.”

As I grew up, I asked myself often “Is being fat so bad? I can’t find clothes that fit me!! Or maybe when I use to dream of wearing celeb-inspired fashion; nothing would be available in my size!” Over the time, I developed a sense of confidence about my skin tone and size but still the market out their didn’t have a decent variety of clothes for girls like me. Shame on them. *wink*

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My 5 favorite Desi Looks a Plus-size woman can opt for!

It is always a task to decide what to wear when you are a plus-size woman. Even in my teens, I have always been picky when it comes to clothes, especially if it’s Indian clothes. I adore ethnic clothes. I have never let my body size define the ethnic fashion I want to carry. I know I become a pain sometimes to my mother while shopping for strict ethnic clothes but who cares it because when I finally get dressed, I know my mom wants to put that ‘kaalaa teeka’ on me. Continue reading My 5 favorite Desi Looks a Plus-size woman can opt for!

Wedding Shopping with Sahil Fashion Bazar


If you have been following me lately on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll witness so many weddings that I have been to in these couples of months. Unlike girls that I know around my age are all pepped-up to tie the knot, I am still wondering what to wear on a friend’s wedding. Continue reading Wedding Shopping with Sahil Fashion Bazar

The backpack days are back!


Every time I have to leave home for some event or meeting I am often horrified thinking, “Now what the hell do I wear!” And usually I am saying this when I am standing infront of my wardrobe and pushing the hangers from one side to the order! Trust me, I do exercise everyday!! (If you know what I mean) *wink* Continue reading The backpack days are back!

#ChangeIsBeautiful by BIBA

BIBA the leading name of ethnic apparel has always been a pioneer in setting trends in the same. Now the brand has taken a step ahead and is seen addressing a social issue with a full-fledged digital marketing campaign. (Sounds cool to me!)

The brand has come up with a powerful digital film recently showcasing the wide spread gender prejudices in our culture when it comes to arranged marriages.

This powerful video can help the daughters to say their stories well!


PS. Stay tuned for soon to come LOOK BOOK with the brand on the blog! 🙂

Sleep like a Super Hero, Ladies!


SOIE presents the Warner Collection

Inspired by the DC Comics Super Heroes

Launched in 2011 by Ginza Indsutries, SOIE redefines fashion, style and vibrancy of the youth today. And with that in mind, have you ever been fascinated by the Super heroes and the costumes they wear? Well, stop that thought there and have a look here.


SOIE, India’s leading fashion lingerie and sleepwear brand is dedicated to make your this dream come true with their latest fashion lingerie and sleepwear range –Warner Collection on 10th June in Mumbai.  Inspired by the iconic DC comics Super Heroes, the line draws its artistry from an interpretation of classic comic book covers which are featured prominently in all designs. Continue reading Sleep like a Super Hero, Ladies!

Contemporary Indian Wear by Myntra and Disney India Unveiled

Anouk, Myntra’s ethnic fashion brand,  unveiled a unique collection in collaboration with Disney India on 21st May 2015 at the Ashoka Hotel. The collection, ‘Disney by Anouk’ infuses fun and contemporary elements in ethnic wear and is designed for Indian women who seek a contemporary twist to traditional styling. This first-of-its-kind offering from Anouk juxtaposes playful Mickey prints with trendy Indian silhouettes.

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What’s there inside ‘The Style Closet’?

So, by now my new series of interactive sessions with jewellery brands – Women and their best friends is on a roll. From high-end Diamond neckpieces to small scale custom cuffs, I have got out the best for the ladies.

And today, I went a little more inside ‘The Style Closet’ to discover Ambika Puri...what the brand has for the ladies.  After serving with her best capabilities in the communication and PR industry for 9 years, Ambika Puri, Owner of The Style Closet followed her dream of establishing her own fashion brand. And today her success story is evidently visible on Facebook and Instagram. With this smart introduction of the woman of the hour, here is a quick yet chic interview with her.

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