“That girl was one-time Drama Queen…”

Hate wearing white? Consider that good brands do not makes clothes that fit you because of your size? Horizontal stripes are your worst enemy? Cupcakes and pastries tempt you but you avoid them to gain no more?  Are you always cribbing about how girls your age are doing wonders but you are sitting and eating packet full of chips and air?

Well ladies the time is here when you need to get up, get dress and gain your confidence back instead of loosing self respect. Hi!  I am Sahiba – the chief blogger at The Drama Queen Saga and I am not a size 6 and definitely not a size 0! I am proud being a size 14! Oh to add, I am not a girlie chic but a tom-boy who loves street food, street style and backpacks!

This blog is all about girls who are loosing the ‘spark’ in themselves giving them no chance of being fashionable and classic. TheDQSaga is a blog that caters to many sections of woman and their ecosystem. From brands and styling to entertainment and beauty; from shoes to cosmetics; from books to cafes – You name it an TheDQSaga gets it for you from the journals of a plus-size digital marketing consultant.

Mail for collaborations/features and other queries at thedramaqueensaga@gmail.com

New Site will is under-construction. Stay tuned at thedramaqueensaga.com


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