Book Review: DIVYASTRA by Nimish Tanna

Has it ever happened to you that you open a book, flip through the initial few pages of introduction and content to ultimately land on a quote that makes you believe in the book even more than you did when you read the blurb.

Well to me this book happened to be something of this sort.

Opening with “… Now I am become death, the destroyer of world”, Bhagavad Gita; Divyastra by Nimish Tanna took my breathe away. I am a person who believes in logic behind everything that happens around me and, at the same time I believe in the Vedas and shloks taught by my elders while I grew up. From the first chapter till the last, the author was able to hold my attention. Be it the sadness Shankar felt in the start of the book to the end where he is able to discover his real self; this book was a seller.

The story

It is a story adapted in the form of a moder-day fiction with elements of mythology, fantasies and science. When the story opens we see Dr. Vyas, a Nobel laureate in physics; discussing about weapons and ancient yogis who may have discovered the science behind these new-age weapons earlier than we could imagine. In this seminar he comes in contact with a young man who has some path-breaking questions for Dr. Vyas.

As we read through, we come across the story of Shankar. A middle class boy who was a brilliant student as a young kid but with time lost his interest in life and gradually became bored of his mundane job and, blamed his father’s positive outlook as a reason behind his unsuccessful life. I wont break the suspense of what happens to Shankar and how the story unravels but what I made of this plot was, we all are packed in our own prejudices, confusions and boredom. But we don’t really accept the chances we had and we gave up on. We find someone or the other to blame. This book is not just about a man lost in his life, it is about much more than what we think we have.

The Characters

I loved the main character too much. I could resonate with him somehow. I was as confused as he was in the start and how certain stories and tales have shaped me to be what I am today. The warmth he once ignored, makes him a better person; something I too have experienced. Shankar was me. He was just the typically 25-27 year old surrounded by path-breakers, held in the trauma of those around him doing good in life.

Another character I was really fond of was the grandfather. I never had a very friendly relationship with my grandparents; but the impact the old man had on Shankar’s life was something I adored. The author has beautifully captured an old person’s emotion and presence.

The Verdict

One of the books where I opened the dictionary. Well, that says it all. I liked the use of new phrases and words to depict an ordinary situation in a much well structured manner. The book was a delight to read and understand. The author has made the reader look at life differently. The continuous relation of various ancient elements and Vedas are something that drew me towards each moment in the book. Be it Dr. Vyas or Shankar or even the father, Mr Naik; everyone was drawn to something from the ancient times along with their own logic. This amalgamation made the book a different kind all together.

I loved the overall essence of mentioning various Shloks in the middle of chapters, phrases, etc. It gave a rather strong appeal to the writing. The Author has done a great job in explaining the purpose of life, finding the nemo was indeed needed.

For me this book is worth a rating of 3/5. I don’t know if Akshay Kumar is reading this but well, if somebody wishes to make a movie on this; let that person be Akshay Kumar. I would love to see him as Shankar. My heart says Akshay’s acting in the past few movies make him my choice for this one too! The lost to the found, Shankar needed a voice and I feel somehow Shankar can be the voice too!

Happy Reading!


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