Book Review: One Enduring Lesson by Jamal Merchant

We all obviously buy books after reading the synopsis at the back, isn’t it? But ever happened that you decide to read a book just by being attracted to the cover of it?
Well, this often happens to me; especially if the colors of the cover are my themes.

The book I’ll be writing today has a similar story to it. I am not a basic blogger. I don’t review or feature products just for money or brand name; I take my sweet time to decide whether the blog post I will be writing around the product – will reflect me and my aura or not. I am pretty choosy when it comes to my blog.

So, when I got this book – One Enduring Lesson by Jamal Merchant; I was keen to read it and set an honest review about it. The cover of the book was so appealing to me. A perfect blend of dark colors with the touch of the sunset colors – BANG ON! The cover is very appealing to me because it showcases the vibe of the book perfect.

Coming back to the book, THE PLOT

It is a not a conventional one (to be specific). Usually, we see the desi boy going out and completing his passion. Wherein in ‘One Enduring Lesson’ we see the protagonist, Rahul, coming all the way to India to find his roots and learn Film-making.  The book is the written journey of how he develops his own personality from time to time with the challenges thrown at him by life, my people and my circumstances. The book has shades – from bright sun to the dark dingy streets.

The story is weaved in the best of it form and each relationship developed by Rahul Saxena is shown in a light of right and wrong. The love, the fear and the suspense in this book depicts a perfect blend of emotions to the reader.


There is no as such a favorite character for me in the book. Each character is distinctive in their own sphere. Rahul is someone who is lost as much as a newbie in Mumbai and the journey he endures isn’t any different from the ones we see of an outsider in Mumbai. The running behind rats to finding love to understanding life; it is all in one place and not scattered all over. The characters look darker though and which is a good USP to read the book.


I am not much of a fan for suspense or thrillers but yeah this one caught my eye. I can rate it somewhere 3.5/5 for sure. And just like all times; I had a parallel world running around me while reading it. I could actually run RajKumarRao has Raul Saxena in my own little world if a hindi-remake of the same is mad. The roughness, the rawness, and the innocence – all in one big star with this blended story!

So, do grab your copy from Amazon and share your thoughts with me in the comment section anytime!

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