Book Review: Meeting Yama by Manoj V Jain

Yamaraj, the Rigvedic deity; the lord of death and justice. He is responsible for law and punishment for sinners in his adobe, Yamaloka. And since we are the only curious beings on the planet, the thought about Yama and our mortality would have once crossed our mind in our lifetime. Would you call me crazy if I say I recently met the lord? Would you say I am just fooling the shit around? Well, call me whatever but this Meeting Yama made me think about death, spirituality and my own existence with a lot more seriousness.

Meeting Yama by Manoj V Jain is a fictional piece of literature wherein a reader will not just feel uplifted about the whole-sole concept of death but life together. Wouldn’t it be really weird to read how death is just an extension of the life live today? This book gave me such realms to think about!

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Book Review: Past Dwellers: Change your mindset to change your life by Samridh Seth

One of the most commonly used phrases in today’s time is “You don’t know the past I have.” Well certainly we don’t know each other’s past but the way we care about our past more than our present and ruin our future makes us a messed-up generation. I am too one such complexed human being who feels even now that the mistakes I have done or the kind of relationships I had been in define me and my future. But it’s never too late to accept and start working on a better today and a pleasant tomorrow.

The Book

Recently I’ve developed a taste for non-fiction self-help books. I feel somewhere we all are broken but maybe just like my tooth cavity we might be at the borderline. We all don’t need therapists (but if you feel you do, don’t hesitate to meet one). We can treat our inner complexities with the right approach and a positive mindset. The biggest thing I have learnt over these months is how important it is for us to forget the past realms of mistakes and bring a new thought process in the present. My most recent read, ‘PAST DWELLERS – Change your mindset to change your life‘, comes handy with this idealogy. The book isn’t about what wrong you did, it is talking about the right you can do. Our past is what we did and frankly, we really can’t do anything out what we did in the past tense. But what we can offer ourselves is a better mindset today and tomorrow.

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Book Review: Apophis – Into the Folds of Darkness (Book 1) by Raj Anand

When I say terms like Sentinel Space Telescope, astrophysicist, cataclysmic event, the Double Asteroid Redirection or DART, etc; what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Well to be honest, as per my mom “My daughter is going insane!” And frankly, I did go insane, and I must say being this insane was something I wished had happened earlier. If you are a regular reader of my blog you would be aware (and if this is the first time here it is) I am a hopeless romantic. For me, a happy ending where the guy gets the girl is the best writing ever! But I take my words back. I take it all back and lock it in my closet. Recently I have introduced to the concept of a new writing style. What? Yeah, indeed I read my first historic sci-fi book!

Apophis – Into the Folds of Darkness (Book 1 of the Kleos Chronicles) by Raj Anand is my most recent favourite. I haven’t read a book in this genre but I was all pepped up to accept the challenge. The book was a fat one. I had to sit with Google opened right in front of me. Why you may ask. Well, I know the terms of romance but for a book with so much science and history, and but of course space and astrophysics, Google came handy! (A little secret this book made me use the dictionary too)

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In the world of digital, be the print!

‘It’s the little memories that make a lifetime’

Recently I have released that even though every memory of my life is in my phone’s picture gallery, the beauty of the printed photographs can never to be matched. I remember as a child, how much I loved being in front of the camera and my parents would endlessly click every time I posed.

Well with time, I grew up and so did the technology. From the traditional polaroid to reel prints to digital prints and finally everything on the phone – we all became advanced. But lately (to be honest ever since I have my mind to study outside India), I feel these memories I have with my family and friends shouldn’t just be stuck with me in the phone but printed and placed right in front of my eyes.

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#DramaPlusFashion – Recreating Fashion for Plus-size: Session 1

‘Fashion is a state of mind and not a range of size’

Ever since I was a teenager, finding the right fashion has not been my forte. I still remember whenever I use to like some dress or t-shirt or skirt in a high-end store, they would always hush me out saying, “Not available in your size.”

As I grew up, I asked myself often “Is being fat so bad? I can’t find clothes that fit me!! Or maybe when I use to dream of wearing celeb-inspired fashion; nothing would be available in my size!” Over the time, I developed a sense of confidence about my skin tone and size but still the market out their didn’t have a decent variety of clothes for girls like me. Shame on them. *wink*

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Book Review: The Hungry Cow by Sandeep Kumar Rana

We live in a country that’s prominently Hindu-dominated. And saying that the gods we believe in placing the ‘cows’ as a holy figure themselves. My mother visits Iskon a lot, and hence I am pretty well-versed with the basic association of Lord Krishna as the protector of the cows. But why am I telling you all this? I am sure you guys must be knowing these things and I’m sure this is a bit boring to read but well that’s where you need to revamp your thinking like I did.

‘The Hungry Cow’ by Sandeep Kumar Rana is a book that breaks all stereotypical ways of writing tales. It is a tale that is artistic in its own way. There is no mystery, thrill or romance incorporated in this book, rather a reader will experience a new kind of emotion while reading it. I think we can term that emotion as ‘guilt and astonishment’.

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Book Review: Janaka and Ashtarvakra – A Journey Beyond by Ashraf Karayath

My favorite genre while choosing the right book has always been mythology and ancient eras. I have had always been the curious George about myths, fancies and gods. Apart from that my latest realization and interest in spirituality has drawn me to read a bit in this respect as well. With Janak and Ashtarvakra: A Journey Beyond, I came across a point of satisfaction as it delivered both the genres in a very well written form to me.

Till now Raja Janaka was only the father of Sita for me. I had seen glimpses of his in books and TV but I never got a chance to read or witness what he was like or how he was as a person or character. This book helped me reach the right spots to discover about human personalities, human limitations and human powers. I wasn’t much aware of Ashtavakra as well. I never even had a glimpse of who he was until this book came into my life. To be honest, this book gave me a new prospectus towards life and how to manage the situations we are caught up into.

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Book Review: DIVYASTRA by Nimish Tanna

Has it ever happened to you that you open a book, flip through the initial few pages of introduction and content to ultimately land on a quote that makes you believe in the book even more than you did when you read the blurb.

Well to me this book happened to be something of this sort.

Opening with “… Now I am become death, the destroyer of world”, Bhagavad Gita; Divyastra by Nimish Tanna took my breathe away. I am a person who believes in logic behind everything that happens around me and, at the same time I believe in the Vedas and shloks taught by my elders while I grew up. From the first chapter till the last, the author was able to hold my attention. Be it the sadness Shankar felt in the start of the book to the end where he is able to discover his real self; this book was a seller.

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